Exclusive escort in Nairobi

Exclusive escort in Nairobi

The only place in Nairobi; where you can meet hot and gorgeous woman for romantic liaisons

We have recruited most gorgeous woman from all over Kenya specifically for this purpose. We have recruited girls of various shapes and sizes. For instance, we have petite along with tall escorts, ebony with blondes and  brunettes, Girl next door with hot bombshell etc. Overall, we have girls suitable for everyone taste.

Our girls warm company will make you forget every tension in your life. You can relax in their soft arms, play with their beautiful hair or enjoy having a drinking session as long as you want. Not only this, you can take them out for romantic dinner dates, social gatherings, parties functions or just spend romantic time in a natural beautiful place, our girls are comfortable with everything. In fact, they know the finest places in city where you can spend some romantic moments with her alone with no one interrupting you at all.

Our Girls starts usually starts with sensual massage to relax your nerves, then take off their clothes to ignite passion inside your body and then finally take you to bed where you can shower her with full body kissing, any erotic fantasy you deeply desire or insert your organ gently inside her soft delicate body.
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Sample an blissful experience I had.

A Hot Shower with Construction Worker

A man with a rugged look and a sexy body is great attraction among women of all ages. I always wanted to get laid with such a hot dude, but I didn’t get a chance at all despite working as courtesan for more than 5 years.

Then one day, opportunity knocked on my door. A construction worker had booked me for evening time after working all day long. He was at least 6 feet tall with muscular body and rugged looks as I imagined him in my dreams.

He made himself comfortable on the sofa. I made him an omelet with coffee for his evening snack. When he was relaxed enough, I performed a striptease to ignite passion in his lions. As my garments fell on the floor one by one, his dick got harder and harder. Soon, I was in undergarments. I smiled to see big bulge growing inside his jeans.

My client told me that he wanted to take a shower as he was feeling hot. I took him to shower where I removed his shirt along with pants to get a feel of his muscular body. I just loved running my hands over his muscular body. I put my arms around his shoulder and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips. The guy embraced me tightly and reciprocated with same passion. Soon, our lips were locked in intense kissing session as water poured from the shower.

My client removed my bra along with panty while kissing. His lips now moved all over my neck and finally rested on my bosom. He moved his lips all over my bosom and from there, moved further down over my soft stomach. I started feeling wet between my legs as his lips played with my lovely tits. He kept on playing with my tits for some time and then lifted me gently from my knees. He positioned me in a way that his dick could enter my vagina quite easily and it happened, his dick just slipped into my vagina just like a hot knife enters into the butter. He kept moving his cock inside my vagina simultaneously locking lips with me.

Soon, he ejaculated inside my body and I too got my first real orgasm after a long time back. After such a hot shower, both of us got dressed up and went back to our normal routine life. My date thanked me before moving on his life. Till date, it was my best sexual experience

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