Hand Massage Tips

Hand Massage Tips

Discover expert hand massage tips to relieve and cure common hand and wrist pain such as carpal tunnel syndrome.  “Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful progressive condition caused by compression of  a key nerve in the wrist.  It occurs when the median nerve, which runs from the forearm into the hand, becomes pressed or squeezed at he wrist.” – National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

Other common hand and wrist problems include;

  • Cubital tunnel syndrome
  • Tenosynovitus
  • Trigger finger
  • soreness due to stress and or fatigue
  • temporary or chronic pain due to injury or trauma

Did You Know?…

  •  Carpal tunnel syndrome is the leading cause of missed days of work of all work related injuries
  • According to the U.S.  Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 60% of all work related illnesses reported were due to repeated trauma to the upper body of workers (the wrist, elbow, hand or shoulder)
  • Approximately 260,000 carpal tunnel relief operations are performed each year according to the National Center for Health Statistics

What does all this mean? It means learning to take better care of your hands and wrists could mean less pain and fewer days of missed work. How can I do that you ask? By learning and applying basic hand and wrist massage tips and or regular massage therapy.

Do It Yourself Hand Massage Tips (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Relief)

The Wrist Squeeze: Squeeze the wrist gently but firmly.

Towel Compression: Dampen a towel and wrap the towel around your forearm. With your other hand rotate the towel up and down, causing friction between the towel and your forearm. This will friction the muscle from the inside.

Thumb Squeeze: Place fingers in the palm of your hand and squeeze.

Thumb Extension Stretch: Push the thumb into extension stretch.


Wrist Extensors Stretch: Straighten your arm, then bend your wrist with the opposite hand.


Wrist Flexor Stretch: Straighten your arm, then stretch flexors by pulling back on the insides of your fingers.

Basic Hand Massage Techniques ( Hand and Wrist Pain Relief Tips)

  • Grasp the affected area between the thumbs and fingers. Pick up as much tissue as possible without causing pain.
  • Roll skin in as many directions as possible.
  • Palms of the hands may be used to grab larger areas of the body
  • This technique should be used sparingly as it can cause stress and fatigue in the fingers and hand.
  • DO NOT perform this technique on bruised areas or very sensitive skin
  • DO NOT use any lotions or lubricants
  • You can use your fingers,palms and fists for this technique.
  • Apply pressure to the affected area directly or horizontally.
  • Wait for the tissue to “release” (relaxation of tight muscle). Muscle should warm up as you glide your hands back and forth over the skin. This will also help to release fascia.
  • Follow the tissue in different directions as it releases.
  • DO NOT use any lotions or lubricants.
  • Grab the wrist with your fingers on the inside part of the wrist.
  • Begin by applying gentle pressure by gliding the thumbs outward from the center of wrist.
  • Increase pressure as needed once tissues have softened and relaxed.
  • This technique can also be used by grasping the wrist with one hand and the center of the wrist with the other hand and gliding  your hand up and down the inside and outside of the affected arm and wrist.

We hope you found these basic hand and wrist massage tips helpful. If serious or chronic  hand or wrist pain persists,  please consult your physician as more advanced treatment or therapy may be necessary.

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